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I have been SWAMPED!

I was accepted into the Brewers Association 12 Week Mentorship Program AND started Brewing and Distillation Technology Classes at Schoolcraft College!

I am still working on my wine brand, traveling for hosting gigs and catering to a very pushy 5 year old. Whew! I LOVE THIS LIFE!

Hey Everyone! I’m Barb,

Beer connoisseur, tv host, actress, 1st level Cicerone, Vice President of Fermenta, world traveler, blogger, plastic surgeon and current Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Some of that isn’t correct, but I’ll let you figure that out.  I have been pretending like I know what I’m talking about for most of my life, so I figured a blog would fit right in.

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What I Do

I do more than just drink beer and wine. I TALK about beer and wine. I also homebrew beer, kombucha, keifer and saukraut. I love all things fermented AND fermented foods are good and good for you! Win!

I am the Vice President of Fermenta: A Women’s Craft Collective, Midwest Event Ambassador for Brooklyn Brewery, putting out a wine and collaborating on many beers. I have been on tv shows, in magazines, have done presentations on different topics in the industry singing the praises and reaching out to attract women and people of color who feel they may not be included whole heartedly. Just seeing a face that looks familiar or feels familiar, gives you the courage to jump in. I’m telling you…JUMP IN!

I’m also a TV Host. Check That out at by clicking below.

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