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Pumpkin Drinks! Want to see how to make them?

Hey Everyone! I’m Barb,

Beer connoisseur, tv host, actress, lifestyle expert, adventure junky, entertainer, world traveler, blogger, plastic surgeon and current Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Some of that isn’t correct, but I’ll let you figure that out.  I have been pretending like I know what I’m talking about for most of my life, so I figured a blog would fit right in.


Video Blogs

Siren of Stout’s 2nd Official Beer Review with ‘Life is Foggier’ by Monkish Brewing Co

Will the Siren of Stout give each video a number?

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My First Official Beer Review With Bourbon County Vanilla!

The Siren of Stout is finally doing her first official beer review! AND with Bourbon County Vanilla! Oh yea…and her husband.

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One Minute Beer Buzz Eps 4 – “Top 5 Beer/Food Establishments in Metro Detroit”

Have you been waiting with bated breath for a shiny new edition of “1 Minute Beer Buzz”?

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Pumpkin Errthang Video Series !

Video 1

Pumpkin 2

Video 2


Video 3

Pumpkin 3

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What I Do

I do more than just drink beer and wine. I TALK about beer and wine. I also homebrew beer, kombucha, keifer and saukraut. I love all things fermented AND fermented foods are good and good for you! Win!

I am the Vice President of Fermenta: A Women’s Craft Collective, Midwest Event Ambassador for Brooklyn Brewery, putting out a wine and collaborating on a beer soon. I have been on tv shows, in magazines, have done presentations on different topics in the industry singing the praises and reaching out to attract women and people of color who feel they may not be included whole heartedly. Just seeing a face that looks familiar or feels familiar, gives you the courage to jump in. I’m telling you…JUMP IN!

I’m also a TV Host. Check That out at by clicking below.

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There are plenty of ways to contact me and stay in touch. If staying connected through social media is not your thing and you have a question, then fill out a form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible

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