Honestly…I’m a sucker for lists like this one. Down the road I may make my own list…just so I can drink more be…*clears throat*…I MEAN for scientific purposes!

I can’t believe there are no “The Bruery” bottles in the top ten…not because I have tried any of the top tier ones but because people go ON AND ON AND ON about Grey Monday or Black Tuesday or Mocha Wednesday or Purple Saturday or whatever…I made the last one up. One day I will get my hot little hands on these.

The Siren of Stout rightfully deserves to try every stout/porter/dark beer out there!

Yea..if you want to send me any, my address is

511 Olde Towne Road 80211

Rochester, MI 48308

Talk about a shameless, shameful plug!  So you know…there is NO shame to my game.

100 Craft Beers Every Beer-Lover Should Drink