My OZ: The Great and Powerful Movie Experience

I had to repost this because I thought this was such an amazing experience. Besides being unbelievable and awesome every single day, I met quite a few great people who I can currently call friends.  Not a bad deal for working 2 months straight with 16, sometimes 20 hour days! It all started when I was […]

Siren of Stout is Finally SEEN!

The Siren of Stout is Finally SEEN! I had the absolute privilege of being interviewed by the outstanding Leena Rao (Senior Writer at Fortune Magazine) and photographed by the creative Darrel Ellis, (editorial, fashion, portrait) for the October issue of SEEN Magazine!  I am humbled and excited to continue my journey in beer and continue […]

20 U.S. Breweries You Should At Least Visit Once

Where have I been the past couple of weeks??? WORKING!  This blog does not pay my bills…or even cover a stick of gum.  So, I had to head on down to the North American International Autoshow for a week and THEN work the stroll on “The Great White Way” aka New York for another week.  More […]

Christmas Cookies and Winter Beer: A Sugar Buzz Awaits

Merry Christmas All!!! Now that it is Christmas Day, you will have TONS of leftover homemade cookies for the next few days and what is a great way to GET THEM IN YOUR BELLY??  Wash them down with beer! The holidays are that time when you…yes, even you…actually make desserts from scratch…you lazy bum.  Nothing is better than […]