Let’s start at the very beginning.  Blog troubles.

The trouble with writing a blog is the constant “interesting, relevant and relatable” content…which is why I’ve never really made an honest attempt…None of those adjectives apply to me or my writing (interesting, relevant, relatable) I’m still listening to TLC on my tape deck…how relevant does that sound?

What I am is silly, very laid back, (except for road rage) very dry humored and highly sarcastic.  I guess we shall see if that flies on this blog.

So…why am I bothering to start a blog?

In a nutshell…

Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom.

Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity


I have had tons of people ask me the same questions day in and day out, each wanting me to explain the answer in depth, even asking me to have a presentation on said topic due to my years of experience.  Below are a few of the topics that may or may not be covered in this blog and the questions I receive daily.

Traveling: I have traveled extensively internationally and domestically for over 20 years.

     Questions I Get??  How do I maneuver TSA and will they feel me up?  Can I actually do 1 carry-on for 1 month?  Are hostels safe?  Do they like Americans there?

Entertainment and Beauty: I’ve been a model, actress and tv host for over 15 years.

     Questions I Get??  How do I get a good acting agent?  Am I pretty enough?  What’s the best inexpensive makeup?  Do I need acting classes?  Can Americans do that?

Weight: I’ve competed in figure competitions and have dieted down for print shoots.

     Questions I Get??  What are the best diets?  Should I lift weights to lose weight?  What about Americans?

Running: I’m a hall of fame, former collegiate hurdler and sprinter and do road races.

     Questions I Get??  Is my running form correct?  Do I need strength and conditioning?  Do Americans run?

and Beer (Hey, I’m the Siren of Stout),

     Questions I Get??  What beer do newbies like?  What’s the best beer bar in what city?  Is it filled with Americans?

Although I’m listing my credentials in each area, I still never felt like I knew enough to tell anyone ANYTHING!  My mother told me “People follow you and love your FB posts because they feel like they are with you on your journey.  Learning and having fun with you. You bring us all along for the ride”.  I never believed her.

Aren’t people only interested in what the Kardashians are doing? (Their last name immediately came up in my spell check when I spelled it wrong.  The world is sadder than I thought. But I digress.) I’m not on a private jet when I travel like they are. I’m sitting in the back of the plane, in the seat that doesn’t recline, next to the bathroom, between a crying baby and a guy who has never seen a shower before.

Then something recently hit me.  I, like Kim Kardashian, minus the money, fake butt and sex tape, have a bevy of ridiculous and inane life, love and travel mishaps and maybe…just maybe…people want to hear about them too. On top of that is my long time love for beer.  I have been a closet beer aficionado for many, many years, even when it wasn’t cool for women to drink beer.  I drink, brew my own and travel to hit every beer serving hole I can find. Brewery or not.

And starting today we will be sharing these journeys together.

Welcome to Adventures ‘N Ales.