Halloween 2015 – Go Hard or Go Home!

I think you guys know I love to re-live stuff…also known as beating a dead horse. SO…let’s re-live Halloween 2015 in all of its grand detail! Sorta. I FINALLY have a glass/screen door. Why is this important to Halloween? Not only can it can seal out the cold and rain, but you can also see the […]

The ‘Fernweh’ In My Life, Finds Peace

“Wanderlust” is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. “Fernweh” is literally, “farsickness”; “an ache for the distance”. Once I saw these words a few years ago, everything finally made sense to me. I have spent my entire life loving and longing to travel; to get out of town […]

Let’s Celebrate! Sept 28th Is Barbara Baker Day. I’m Dead Serious.

Yes. In the above picture, they are all wearing a picture of me. Me, me, me, me, me!!! Guess what my little chickadees? September 28th is Barbara Baker Day in the City of Steubenville. Yes.  I said Barbara Baker Day. Yes.  MY day. Why would I joke with you? No. I’m not lying. Why would I lie […]

O White Castle, White Castle, Wherefore Art Thou White Castle?

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! You will never believe what I just heard! It is like a miracle. Like water to wine. Like, walking on water. Like, many loaves of bread! I have been waiting for this for years and years and now it is here. White Castle Will Start Serving Breakfast […]

Getting My Backyard Sanctuary Together

Rope Curtain Tiebacks and Rods For a total change of pace, I’m posting a DYI project.  This may seem totally unlike me but actually, I am a handyman at heart and have done quite a few fun home improvement projects before starting this blog. Now I’m gonna share ’em wit yous! (Pittsburgh speak/plural for more […]

Getting Old Is For The Birds

Do I really need to type more than this? Well…to really make you sad, how about some aging celebrities! They have the money, power AND fame to stop time…AND CAN’T!!! The rest of us have no hope. No hope at all… *chugs glass of wine* In order… Boy George (who I love with all my […]

Avocado Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers: See? I Can Cook Without Beer!

I’m posting this because this recipe was…IS delicious. I took a little bit from a whole bunch of different recipes I could remember and put them together.  I now present to you… Avocado Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers! The measurements are huge because I made a ton of this for the week and please feel free to […]

New York, Melting Pot or Melting Pit: The Last 60 Minutes To My Hotel

Throwback post to a time in my beloved home away from home.  New York. I think you all know I’m in NY right now working. No…no Korean Spa…well…maybe later.  Anyway…So when I realized the train was a block from my hotel, I HAD to scoot on over to see if I could catch a musical in Times […]

Milk Does The Body Good, But Only If It Is Real Milk

Yes. This milk is in a box. Yes. I got it for one dollar at Dollar Tree. Yes. It was sitting on a shelf next to the fake Coke (Foka Cola). Not refrigerated. Yes. It says it can sit in your pantry until 3/16. Yes. I said March of 2016. Yes. It smells odd. Yes. […]

Yes. I Get Paid For This.

Not everything on this site is about beer or naked old ladies.  Some posts are about my career…well…what I do to make money.   On an exciting note, I had the pleasure of acting in an episode of the kid’s tv show “The Wannabes”.  I played a cranky bouncer in the tween dance club called “Moxi”.  The great […]