New York, Melting Pot or Melting Pit: The Last 60 Minutes To My Hotel

Throwback post to a time in my beloved home away from home.  New York. I think you all know I’m in NY right now working. No…no Korean Spa…well…maybe later.  Anyway…So when I realized the train was a block from my hotel, I HAD to scoot on over to see if I could catch a musical in Times […]

Milk Does The Body Good, But Only If It Is Real Milk

Yes. This milk is in a box. Yes. I got it for one dollar at Dollar Tree. Yes. It was sitting on a shelf next to the fake Coke (Foka Cola). Not refrigerated. Yes. It says it can sit in your pantry until 3/16. Yes. I said March of 2016. Yes. It smells odd. Yes. […]

Yes. I Get Paid For This.

Not everything on this site is about beer or naked old ladies.  Some posts are about my career…well…what I do to make money.   On an exciting note, I had the pleasure of acting in an episode of the kid’s tv show “The Wannabes”.  I played a cranky bouncer in the tween dance club called “Moxi”.  The great […]

Is It Me? It Must Be Me.

Ahhh..see that beautiful pristine lawn? This story has nothing to do with that. AT ALL. So…I’m doing a little outside work on the patio this afternoon and take a quick look behind the garage and what in my wondering eyes should appear? Dog poop…LOTS of it.  And no.  I do not have a dog. If you guys […]

Yes, I’m Alone. Yes, I’m A Woman. No, I’m not a Hooker.

Hanging out at bars and/or restaurants alone: A Post For The Ladies For all of you ladies who are single or travel a lot or are just the type of person who “dosen’t like to eat or drink alone” I have one thing to say. Get Over Yourself and Go Out…Alone! I get it.  My […]

What Have I, What Have I, What Have I Done to Deserve This?

So…This morning, someone went downstairs to make me a cup of coffee and I asked, said person to please put in a tablespoon of dried milk.  I was very specific that the dried milk has a large note in the container indicating that it is indeed dried milk. Ten minutes later I get my coffee […]

Bare Naked Ladies: My NY Korean Spa Adventure

Here is another repost from my old blog.  This one is a real gem! (Note: I will say that about all of them.)  The pictures attached are not from the spa I went to…THAT one has been shut down. Go figure. Most people who read this already know I love to try new things..anything just […]

My Poor Baby/No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

You know what you are seeing here???  Of course you don’t, because the pics suck…   My Jeep Wrangler, my baby, my love and she is up on a tow truck getting hauled away as if no one loves her. The pictures aren’t good because they are covered in sadness.  I’m gonna make this long story […]

I Love A Good Peep Show

Who doesn’t? Each sensuously draped in bright colors.  Sometimes they are dripping in chocolate. Squeezing and melding themselves perfectly together in a confined space. I’m not talking about erotic performers, you pervert.   I’m talking about Peeps!   (You’re so dirty…)  

And The Yeast Shall Rise Again!!!

So…I finally made beer bread at home.  I made beer cheese bread at my sister’s house over the Easter weekend and it turned out great. But I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke…soooo…I made it again today.  I’m also making baked potatoes, St Louis-style ribs and flash fried Brussel sprouts for dinner, but […]