Shannon from Warren, MI!


Shannon, a converted IPA lover, and her fiancé are huge craft beer lovers who have never had the pleasure of tasting Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. They have toured many breweries all over the country and own almost 90 different growlers! Shannon will be surprising her fiancé with this delicious IPA in his groom’s gift at their upcoming nuptials.

Let’s all wish Shannon a big congratulations on winning the IPA and winning the heart of her beloved! 😉


Thank you all for the overwhelming responses! Our team of folks went through each one…some where hilarious some were bland, some were straightforward, some were kinda sad…but ALL WERE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

So…for those of you that did not win this time…don’t be disheartened! Adventures ‘N Ales will periodically have giveaways and the next winner may be YOU! Stay tuned!

Cheers and Keep Drinking!





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