I get it…it’s April and I’m FINALLY posting about St Patricks Day.

HEY!!!  Get off my back.  Do I look like Im getting paid for this?

(HINT HINT: To anyone who wants to pay me for this…)

I have been heading to St. Patricks Day at Kuhnhenn’s Brewery for about 7 years.  I remember my very first time like it was yesterday.  I walked in alone around 8am drawn in by the amazing beer list advertised in the newspaper and the only patrons in there were me and two guys from GM…there to drink before work.  I was young, thin, friendly and full of life and when I find those pictures I’m adding them to this blog!  Every year, the number of people that show up for the fun has increased tenfold and now it is so packed it is almost no fun…unless you get there super early. Which I do.

This year was great. I met a few of the Detroit Draft Divas, Mary, Jen and Michelle up there BRIGHT and early so we could get the best seats.  Those broads are a ton of fun. We were able to try a million (I’m overreaching) of the most delicious beers and still leave early to hit Dragonmead for a few of their amazing award winning beers.

Another St. Patricks Day went down in history as a win!

My friend Jennifer Sutherland, Detroit Draft Diva and staff writer for “I’m A Beer Hound” wrote a great article about the revelry and yours truly even had a few legendary quotes! (Not really but you get my drift.)



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