Saying that Im “salty” doesn’t truly express how annoyed I am at this grievance upon god and man…and especially ME.

What you are looking at is an limited, amazing bottle of @Dogfishhead World Wide Stout…the LAST bottle on the retail shelf in Michigan. This amazing bottle, I stored ever so lovingly in my basement on a dark, cool, shelf…hidden in the back, away from prying eyes and light was supposed to be on said shelf for a year. This takes a bad turn quickly as you can already tell.

I was sitting at my computer working and my husband said, “Hey Babe, try this beer out”. I tried it and said “Whooo…that is tough, but sweet…what is that beer and where did you get it???”  He said, “Oh, it’s that Dogfishhead one with the barley”.

I said “WHAT???” and he said it again nonchelantly, “that Dogfishhead one.”  I said, “Dude…I TOLD you I was storing that at LEAST for 6 months, up to a year!!!!  Why did you open this?”  He said, offhandedly, “Oh…you didn’t tell me.” We alllllllllll know that was not the truth.

So……….Not ONLY did he not pay any attention to me when I told him NOT to drink it but he didn’t even cherish what he was drinking!!!  I was tempted to take him out with the trash immediately.

“That Dogfishhead one.” he said.

I don’t think I will ever get over this one.