Getting My Backyard Sanctuary Together

Rope Curtain Tiebacks and Rods

For a total change of pace, I’m posting a DYI project.  This may seem totally unlike me but actually, I am a handyman at heart and have done quite a few fun home improvement projects before starting this blog. Now I’m gonna share ’em wit yous! (Pittsburgh speak/plural for more than one).  I should have taken more pics, but I was unsure this DIY would turn out as perfect as it did!


I started with a glue gun. (I LOVE glue guns!)


Duct tape and sharp scissors or knife. (I LOVE sharp scissors!)

IMG_1976 2

Heavy duty rope 3/8 x 50ft  and twine rope 530 x 190′. (I LOVE rope.) This is getting weird…

IMG_1973 2 IMG_1975 2

I went out back and measured how long I wanted each rope length to be….one length for the tiebacks and one length for the “rods”.  There is no set measurement because you may like your tiebacks or curtains to hang lower/looser or tighter/higher than mine.

After measuring and marking with a black marker, I started cutting the rope.

I wrapped a small bit of duct tape on each end to stop the unraveling and to secure the rope ends before I wrapped the twine around them.

IMG_1974 2

TieBack:  For the “loop”, I cut a 3″ piece of twine and glued down each end on the duck tape. While the glue was still hot, I started tightly wrapping the twine, starting from the bottom of the duct tape up to the top and secured the end in the hollow part.


Rods: I did the same with this but cut the center to make two loose pieces for a tie.



And Voila! It is finished! Quick, easy and CHEAP!  I saw some tiebacks similar to this at Restoration Hardware for $59! I LOVE Restoration Hardware but since I am not rich, their products are off limits to me.

All in all, this project cost me about $20 and I have already used the leftover twine to wrap gifts, tie bags and choke my husband. KIDDING!

Have Fun!

IMG_1977 IMG_1979