Halloween 2015 – Go Hard or Go Home!

I think you guys know I love to re-live stuff…also known as beating a dead horse. SO…let’s re-live Halloween 2015 in all of its grand detail! Sorta.

I FINALLY have a glass/screen door. Why is this important to Halloween? Not only can it can seal out the cold and rain, but you can also see the little kiddies running up your front steps!  That I’m excited about this, tells you exactly what type of life I lead nowadays.

Every Halloween, for years, I had been at a party or bar or some “thing” doing something and this Halloween I was excited to just be at home. I made hot cider and homemade brownies with dark chocolate frosting (my first time making frosting by the way), turned on the apple pie candle heater thingy and arranged the Halloween candy in a large Tupperware dish to look oh-so appetizing.

2015-10-31 18.06.14

My husband, on the other hand, was a curmudgeon. He grabbed a beer, turned on the Michigan game and said, AND I QUOTE, “If those kids come to my front door and you’re not here to greet them, I’m gonna leave them out there standing in the rain. I don’t care. They are NOT gonna ruin MY game!” I labeled him the “Hallow-Meanie” of the night. What makes this even sadder is his chair is in the direct line of the open front door, so the kids would have just been standing outside looking in through the glass at this mean old man ignoring their knocks. Somehow that thought really cracked me up because I know he would do it too. He gets funny about his football.

The biggest part of the night was me painting my face. I had been wanting to try out this Sephora Makeup Palate Collection I had been holding on to for a while and tonight was the night. Through a few YouTube tutorials, I learn how to draw an eye and a creepy stretched mouth. Even I can’t believe how good my crazy mouth ended up looking and the kids went insane for it. A little boy looked at me while I opened the door and he looked as if he was deciding if it was worth his life to approach the scary lady in order to get some candy. Candy won out, of course, but my face rendered him wide eyed and speechless. His Dad had to keep feeding him lines, “say Happy Halloween”, “say which candies you want”, “tell the nice Lady thank you”. That little encounter was totally worth it!

Another favorite encounter was this group of boys about 12-13 years old. They came to the door happily yelling “Happy Halloween” and I pulled out the big guns. I had full-sized candy bars and lunch sized bags of potato chips. When I told them they could each take three items, you would have thought I told them I was giving them a copy of Halo 5 for free. P.S. That’s a hot new video game for all of you old people or non-gamers.*wink* As they walked down the steps, one of them said to the others, “HOLY COW! We hit the jackpot!” Not kidding. THAT, made my night!

I would say this Halloween, although rainy and cold, ended up being a huge success and an awful lot of fun. Who says being boring is actually boring???