Have you ever been SO excited to drink a fancy beer, you get yourself “ready” for it? Almost like you would a hot date?

By ready, I mean…you get home from work, put on your most comfortable-est and most favorite-est clothes, put the beer in the freezer to make sure it is super cold/or take it out of the fridge to take the chill off, turn on your favorite movie, i.e. Mission Impossible 1 (don’t judge), get the perfect glass for said beer, rinse it, crack the beer, lovingly pour it in glass, position the full glass and beer bottle in beautiful light, take a picture of both, upload the picture to Instagram, check in on Untapped, walk to the sofa, cover up with that blanket you use when you are getting cozy on the couch, sit back, sniff the beer…scratch that…I mean, slowly inhale the aroma and then…sip.

HEY!  This beer blows!!

Nothing can be sadder than this abrupt ending.  I have had quite a few terrible, awful, very bad beers but below I’ve listed just a few that come to mind.  Please keep in mind, palates change, so if I see any of you on the street and you say to me “Such-in-such beer is great Barb! You are an idiot”…remember what I just said.  Oh…and don’t come up to me on the street and also get your own blog.

In no special order…

New Belgium Salted Carmel Chocolate


What a disappointment.  I not only love New Belgium beers but I also LOVE Salted Carmel Chocolate ANYTHING.  And I mean ANYTHING.  Ice cream, chocolate bars, severed fingers.  So when I purchased this I had extremely high hopes.  Yea, No.

Rouge Bacon Maple Ale


Another miss I couldn’t believe.  Picture This: In my hotel room in San Fransisco with an amazing view, snuggled in my beautiful and oh so comfortable Heavenly Bed with the heat up. Perfect. I had bought this bottle earlier from the Rouge Ales Public House, so I was ready for a taste sensation.  One sip and I was so mad!!!  My night was ruined!!  All of the other beers I had at the Rouge Public House were great!  What was up with this one?  Who knows and who cares.

Revolution Brewing EuGene Porter

beer_2033932014-12-14 14.20.20

All I can say is…I’m the Siren of Stout and this was a mess.

And on the night before Christmas too!  After all of the traveling by sleigh…Santa doesn’t deserve this. *sideeye*


Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial and La Parcela


I’m naming two because they are made by the same company and I really, really, really, really wanted to give both a chance.  I celebrated a milestone birthday and started my Amazing Birthday Wine and Beer Tour with lunch at Jolly Pumpkin in Traverse City and I remember the food, the people, the spirits and the beer was amazing.  I think I should have kept my memories just that…memories.

Now…will I try all of these in a year or two and totally change my mind on them??


Don’t hold your breath.