I Hate People…Especially Bad Neighbors.

What is wrong with people. This question is totally rhetorical because I know exactly what is wrong with people.  People are disappointing.


So what’s the latest drama in my life? For those of you that are just joining in and didn’t get to hear about the awful mean old guy/neighbor who tried to sue me for $25,000 over a weed tree…you’re lucky.  The whole situation sucked.  Summary:  We cut down a weed tree thats base was 46% on our property but leaning 100% on our garage. He didn’t like it or us and said “I don’t like you people moving into the neighborhood ruining stuff”.  Sued us.  He got almost nothing.  End of story.

So…new drama? Some buttercup is dumping used seed/make shift kitty litter in my backyard. You can’t dump refuse on someone’s manicured/landscaped yard and think no one is going to notice. IT STANDS OUT!

2015-04-11 09.51.48                 2015-04-11 09.52.44








So I had a few choices…clean it up and do nothing, knock on the neighbors door and ask did they do it (HAHAHAHAHA…You can clearly see here, there is a ton of it in THEIR yard as well, so where else would it have come from???)

2015-04-11 09.52.20 2015-04-11 09.52.15

OR call the Police and have them deal with it.  Guess what I did?  Considering the last time we went to a neighbors house to ask them a question about a problem in the yard, I found out they tried to file a restraining order against us…soooo…I figured going over there personally would not be a good idea.  Some of the people in this neighborhood are obviously very, very fidgety.  So I did what any good annoying housewife with nothing to do would do and I called the cops.  As I told dispatch the story, he sounded as if he couldn’t believe I actually called him with this bullshizzell.  I get it.  I’d rather not call him either but then again, Id also rather not get shot on a neighbors lawn either as well.

So about an hour later a patrol cop comes by knocking on the door.  I open and he smirks.  I get that a lot because I know my voice does NOT match my look AT ALL!  They are expecting someone TOTALLY different.  So, I tell him the story and we go out back to look at the mess.  Although it started out as kind of a joke to him, the more he looked at our backyard and the mess dumped in it he was starting to feel my pain.

He actually put his hands in it, touched it and smelled it and said “Because there are flies in this, there may be organic matter in this”.  Can you believe that????  Someone hates us so much, they went out of their way to walk ALLLL the way around their house to dump seed with “organic matter” in it or as I like to say…cat poop.

So he said he would ask around the neighborhood just to deter someone from doing it again. This way THEY know…WE know.