Yes. This is a picture of Athens. Yes. I went to OU. Yes. The parties were as good as Playboy says. Onto the story.

My first experience into beer drinking.


I could end the post right here and everyone would get it.  I think we all have a lot of “firsts” when we go to college.  I was..or am a late bloomer with everything so I did not drink in high school like a lot of people…I actually didn’t drink my first year in college either.  I know…I was totally a bore.  Don’t worry, I am making up for it as I go along in life. *wink*.  

Back to my first time… 

I had drunk liquor drinks before, aka MadDog 20/20, Cisco, Thunderbird…you know, top shelf stuff…but never drank beer because none of my college friends were beer drinkers.

Anywho…I was in class with this blonde guy who seemed to find his way to sit next to me in almost every class, so we would always chat.  One Thursday in class, he invited me and my girlfriends to his fraternity party that upcoming Saturday.  I have no idea how it is nowadays…meaning 2015…but when I went to college, WAAAAAAAY back when, the black students when to the black frat parties and the white students went to the white frat parties and neither of the two mixed.  SO, when he invited me to this “huge frat party” his fraternity was throwing, I was suspicious, intrigued, scared and shocked but then figured, “why not?”  My girls and I love a good time.  

So, Saturday night rolls around and my girlfriends and I head on over to the party.  We thought we’d go early, that way if it wasn’t our cup of tea or there was something weird going on, we could leave and hit the bars.  At first it wasn’t an easy find because the house was located on a street we had never walked to before but fortunately, as we got closer, we were lead to the house by the hordes of people walking towards it.  WOW!  We looked at each other like, “this could be bigger than we thought”!  

We get close to the enormous old house with gold letters near the roof and see there is a long line out the front door, down the walkpath and out to the sidewalk.  There are a ton people standing in line!  We had no idea where to go and what to do, so I said to my girls, “Let’s walk up to the house and ask”.  As SOON as we stepped on the grass, right off of the sidewalk, the guy from my class yelled from the porch, “YEAAAAA!! YOU MADE IT!”  He then turned around and shouted into the house, “HEY EVERYONE, EN VOUGE IS HERE!”  Do you all remember En Vogue?  They were a ’90’s girl group that sang “Free Your Mind” and “Givin’ Him Something He Can Feel” AND consisted of 4 hot black chicks. *wink*

He ran out, hugged me, introduced himself to my girls and said, “Come on in.  You ladies don’t wait in that line.”  Already we are impressed and looking at each other like “ALRIGHTYNOW!”  So we go inside and he asks what we want to drink.  He says “All those people get Bud Light but if you guys want liquor or Heineken we have that just for us.  My girlfriends asked for Jack and Coke and I asked for the Heineken.  POW!  I remember it being light, sort of sweet, drinkable and full of flavor.  I liked it right away.

And that’s as much as you need to know about THAT party.

To this day, I still associate the smell and taste of beer with excitement, great times, good feelings, happiness and hot boys. And its all because that one day, a guy went out of his comfort zone, to invite me, someone out of his circle, to a party, where I had my first beer and one hell of a good time.


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