My title is a tad deceptive because the article in question is about how entire Irish pubs are built in Ireland and shipped all over the world…but whatever.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Irish pubs.  Did I say I love them?  Well, I love them.  Probably because I’m Irish on my father’s, mother’s, cousin’s, friend’s, doctor’s side, twice removed.  Anyway…I have been to hundreds of pubs around the world. No joke…Dubai, Jamaica, London and China.  Yes, China. That was one heck of a good time.  Well…they ALL are one heck of a good time. Who has ever had a bad time at an Irish pub? If you have had a bad time, then it has to be you.  Yea, I said it! I blame you. Don’t blame the room.

I have gone to an Irish pub alone in a strange city for lunch, looking for a quiet meal with a pint of Guinness and ended up leaving at 2AM, having eaten two meals and ingested 10 pints.  Yea..I go hard or go home but what Im really meaning is no matter what Irish pub you’re in, it is welcoming.  So, since I love Irish pubs so much, I found this article to be super cool.

Funny thing? I’ve never been to an Irish pub in Ireland. Go figure.

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