Who is the newest member of the Brooklyn Brewery?

This girl!

          Me…Flying out!

I had THE most epic time, this past weekend. I indulged in so much delicious beer, I need to dry out. *I’m not kidding.* They treat you RIGHT at the Brooklyn Brewery.  So this is a quick recap of what the weekend entailed. I was BUSYBUSYBUSY. They had us from morning ’till night but it felt like the weekend just flew by! Probably because it was fun, informative and we tried a million different beers…like they were going out of style…did I mention that?


I flew in Thursday morning and hit the ground running. I met up with another rep from Flint, (Rose, who is super cool) whom I had been previously texting and her, a few other girls she met and I all went off to find the brewery and get a bite to eat.

People in the beer industry are hella cool and we had a ball immediately.

My “bite to eat” Bacon and a Bloody Mary.
 This is Rose. From Flint. Yes with the “water”.
Steve Hindy Owner Brooklyn Brewer

After lunch, we headed to the Brooklyn Brewery, where we (got beer) were introduced to Miss Gabe and Ben (EA’s for BB) and they, in turn, introduced the owner, Steve Hindy.  His memories blew my mind. He has a very storied past and was an excellent storyteller. I was completely sucked in.  He was a foreign journalist in a previous life and was behind Anwar Sadat when he was assassinated!

      Miss Gabe at Spuyten Duyvil.
   “Framboisie” and “Quintaceratops”

We then headed over to Spuyten Duyvil for…you guessed it…beer.

After our ‘welcome beer, after the pre-welcome beer’, we walked to Extra Fancy to eat dinner and socialize before a packed weekend of learning about the brewery.

          Toasting with BB Summer Ale

BOOM! The Beer Education & Community Ambassador Miss Gabe is LIFE!  She took us from point A to point Z with flair, pizazz and knowledge. I want to be her when I grow up. We took a tour of the brewery and of course…we had beer!

I could tell that everyone at the brewery were THILLED to be working there and that sh!t is infectious. As I walked through, a guy was playing Biggie. No joke. Brooklyn to the SOUL!

My biggest thrill??? I got to meet Garrett Oliver, the Master of Brewmasters ANNNND he signed my book!

We had an off-flavor tasting and a beer tasting (SURPRISE) and they pulled out some doozies!  Peep THIS!

Sorachi Plum (Not Sold in Stores)
The Crew drinking Raspberry Sour deliciousness on the bus.


We actually went on a pub crawl for training. I’m not sh..I mean kidding you!

It was a huge party bus and we took it there! They gave us en experimental Raspberry Sour while we were traveling and that mess was so tasty, I could have swallowed my tongue.
Brooklyn Brewery wanted to spread the love and show us that we are in this together! So we hit some outer borough spots and let the love flow!

We visited…LIC, Finback, KCBC and Interboro. The time was rad, Yes I said “rad” because that is the only word that fits this epic time.

LIC…Not drinking a stout.
Finback…drinking a stout
KCBC…drinking a stout.

The crew had brunch at the very cool Roebling Tea Room but I had to fly home at 6am for another job (when it rains it pours). This weekend will be remembered and cherished and I’m excited to see all of my new Brooklyn Brewery friends again soon!

Beer Mansion here I come!