Is It Me? It Must Be Me.

Ahhh..see that beautiful pristine lawn? This story has nothing to do with that. AT ALL.

So…I’m doing a little outside work on the patio this afternoon and take a quick look behind the garage and what in my wondering eyes should appear? Dog poop…LOTS of it.  And no.  I do not have a dog.

If you guys don’t remember the story of the neighbor that dumped a ton of used kitty litter in the same exact same place in my back yard, please feel free to check out ” I Hate People…Especially Bad Neighbors”.

This is starting to seem like a pattern.

2015-06-23 17.51.27

I live in a nice neighborhood. On a nice street. With nice people.  At this point, it seems like I’m constantly trying to convince myself that all of those statements are actually true. lol  That I keep finding little treats like animal feces, broken glass, cigarettes, bb’s(from a bb gun), liquor bottles, gum wrappers and a few more choice items, I start to wonder what am I doing wrong as a neighbor for this to happen to us.  I get it..we work a lot, but I would think that would be a godsend to some neighbors.  We don’t bother anyone, we wave at everyone on the street when we see them and generally keep to ourselves.

Seriously, Im baffled.  Who lets their dog do their business in someone else’s yard, not just one time, but it looks like 6 separate times?  

What do you guys think of this situation?

Is this simply just a homeowner problem?

Can I stop it?