Kids…Its Whats For Dinner (Repost)

I had an old blog that I barely kept up, but the stories were priceless…well to me anyway so as I am in the process of closing that blog/chapter in my life, I will repost them so they will live in perpetuity.

You are very welcome…

So my sister and niece are visiting me this week (YEA!!!) and it has got me thinking.

Are people happier with or without children?

I ask this because I love my life. I love that at any moment I can get up and go somewhere without a care in the world…the bar, the gym, the mall. AND be there for as long as I like until I want to come home. No kids, no dog, no bs. This also transfers over to my career. Most of the people in the entertainment industry who have kids are men and their wives stay at home. In my Christian Bale voice ” GOOOOOD For YOUUUU”. The women I know in this industry have grown children or don’t have any at all. Don’t know if this is a double standard or just the way it is. It does bum me out though and sometimes ticks me off.

Sometimes I wish I were a guy so I could have children but not be bothered with the garbage women have to deal with. (I’d like to be a guy for other reasons too which will be explored in another blog.  lol)
Sometimes I wish I had 3 college age children but then I wouldn’t have been able to establish myself as an actor or travel as much as I have in years past.
Sometimes I wish I were filthy rich and then I’d have a nanny and not have to worry. A la Jolie-Pitt Crew.
Sometimes I think, there are already too many children out there, why pollute the earth with more.
Sometimes I wish there weren’t so many creeps out there waiting to steal, kill, molest, bully or denigrate your children.  That to me is very scary.
Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t wasting my time wishing all of these other things ’cause they only drive me to drink.  lol  (See?? something else I’d have to cut out if I were a mother. lol)

To be honest, I don’t think I’d be that great of a parent. (Im not that great of a human being. lol) Oh…I wouldn’t be ‘Courtney Love’ bad but when people are away from their kids and they talk about how much they miss them. I think I would not feel that way at all. I’d probably be relieved. Im not very maternal. SURPRISE! I didn’t come from a very affectionate family and that transfers down I think. My husbands family is very affectionate. Always kissing and hugging people. When I dated him I wanted to punch him in the face. Who likes to hug people all the time?? Man up!! 😉 In the end he has made me a much nicer person. (No jokes from the peanut gallery.)

I have a girlfriend who is such a great mother and human being. Although she has/had been in custody battles with her ex over her children, she fights tooth and nail for them, spending every dime on them and for them and loves them to death. When I hear her story I think, “she is an unbelievable woman” and at the same time I think I would let them stay with their dad and spend the money on shoes. Do children really appreciate your pain anyway??? Who knows. I told my mother about this and she said “when you have your own children you will feel differently. You would spend every last dime to make them happy”.

Sometimes when I see little kids my heart aches and I can’t help but smile…like I would like to have one and then I think of my fridge full of beer and protein shakes, my Restoration Hardware furniture and my stemless crystal wine glasses.

I bet people reading this are thinking “Wow! Barb is cold blooded”.  That may be true. But it stems from I would never want my problems, insecurities and selfishness to affect the beautiful innocent life of anyone else which…when you think about it…in turn…may be the most selfless thing anyone can do.