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I’m FINALLY posting about the 18th Annual Summer Beer Fest which happened July 24th and 25th in Ypsilanti, MI at Riverside Park. This place was…IS…the PERFECT place to hold a festival. I try to go to this event every year because of the awesome location and the spaciousness and superb placement of the booths.

There were over 100 Michigan breweries with 1000’s of amazing beers. It seemed like every brewery brought their ‘A’ game and I was, of course, appreciative. There was food, music and a great group of people in attendance.

Beer people are amazing and the right type of people to be at a festival. They are friendly, no one is aggressive, everyone waits their turn and they are super pleasant to be with. 

Like this nice couple who photobombed me..

Honestly…I hardly took any pictures this year because frankly…I forgot to. The beer was so amazing, I totally lost my mind.

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The event started at 1pm on Sat., so we thought we’d get ahead of the game by getting to the event at about 12 noon.


And I say that loudly.

By the time we got to the park, there were already at least 400 people in line. I may be off but not by much. We had to walk three blocks past the festival to actually get in the line.


2015-07-25 12.46.40


After waiting for 20 minutes in 90 degree weather.

We are both happy.



2015-07-25 12.46.30



After waiting 40 minutes in 90 degree weather.

I’m still happy. He is not.




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Once inside, The Hubs and I basically set ourselves up right next to the Witches Hat booth and took turns going back and forth for refills. They had bourbon barrel beers which were second to none. Probably the best stuff there. My favorite was the Witch’s Hat Barre-Aged Chocolate Espresso Night Fury. I would sell my husband to the highest bidder to get a year’s supply of this.

That’s me to the right…sweaty and happy.

I missed a few of the larger brewery’s booths like Dark Horse and Shorts because the lines were crazy long…too long to be exact.  They too had some eye catching things but not catchy enough to stand in a line 50 deep.





I’m also a part of Fermenta, which is a woman’s beer collective and all together we brewed 25 delicious beers!  Go Ladies!


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2015-07-25 14.36.21











Feel free to check out the extensive beer list below. It will make your mouth water and make you want to get tickets to the next Fest. No joke.


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