My Poor Baby/No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

You know what you are seeing here???  Of course you don’t, because the pics suck…

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My Jeep Wrangler, my baby, my love and she is up on a tow truck getting hauled away as if no one loves her. The pictures aren’t good because they are covered in sadness.  I’m gonna make this long story very short.  Well..honestly…because it sucks and I don’t want to make you sit through a crappy story.

We will start with I was “bored” yesterday afternoon.  Oh, I had a million things to do, study, clean the house, pack, write on this blog, organize tax receipts, the list goes on and on but I didn’t want to do any of them and instead posted on Facebook, “Im bored”.  A young woman I sorta mentor/hang with every now and then contacted me and said she was bored too.  So…I picked her up and we went to Royal Oak to look for a “good” time.  We hit two pubs, Ale Mary’s and then O’Tooles for food, all the while her talking and me hearing about what she has been up to and how she is keeping herself busy (Some stuff I wish I hadn’t heard but I digress…young people…smdh).   After we ate, we headed back north to drop her off at a friends house.  Her friend lived in the hood…no problem…I’m just gonna drop her off and go home.  Right?  She jumps out and as I put my Jeep in reverse, she stops…EVERYTHING STOPS!  She doesn’t move.  Cue Price is Right lose music.

I immediately call AAA.  THIS is where the drama starts.  You probably thought it started when my car stopped.  No…It didn’t.  The AAA dispatch guy told me that it would be about 45 minutes before anyone showed up.  I told him I was in a dicey area and he said he would “put that in the notes”.  Yea, right.  Good thing is my mentor’s uncle showed up as well so I didn’t feel like I was left out to dry and or die.  In the hood.  Late at night.  Just when the action is really getting started.

Anywho, ONE HOUR and 45 minutes later the tow truck guy/jerk shows. ( I will start using “jerk” in place of “guy” hence forth in the story.)

The jerk never looks at me or directs his questions to me.  He keeps talking to my mentor’s uncle.  I said, “Its MY car.  Ask ME the questions.”  The jerk looked at me and still continued to direct the questions to my male friend.  Once the jerk was satisfied with the answers, he finally moved on to my Jeep. The jerk tried to jump it, tried to give me gas, tried to tinker under the hood but none of those things worked, so I asked him to tow me to the nearest Jeep dealership about 3.5 miles away.  He said, and I quote, “I can’t.  I have someone more important I need to deal with.”  I asked was he kidding and he proceeded to show me he wasn’t kidding by jumping in the tow truck and starting to drive off, leaving me stuck in the hood at now almost 2am.  I called AAA to complain and my friend, who is very connected, ran up to the jerk and said, “I know your boss, Joe, personally and I’m sure he wouldn’t find your customer service to be adequate”.  The tow jerk IMMEDIATELY turned the tow truck around AND his attitude with it.  He started talking TO me and hooked up my car quickly and efficiently and took it to the closest dealership.  As he unloaded it he shook my hand (whaaa???) and said it was a “pleasure” dealing with me.

WHAAAT?  WHOOOO?  Is this the twilight zone?

All I know is the next day, I had a mouthful to tell AAA and a $300 bill to show for the night.

Tip: I will NEVER say I’m bored EVER, EVER again.