New York, Melting Pot or Melting Pit: The Last 60 Minutes To My Hotel

Throwback post to a time in my beloved home away from home.  New York.

I think you all know I’m in NY right now working. No…no Korean Spa…well…maybe later.  Anyway…So when I realized the train was a block from my hotel, I HAD to scoot on over to see if I could catch a musical in Times Square.  Memphis was 60% off at TKTS and I scored an Orchestra seat!  SHWING!

But this is just fluff. The real reason I’m writing is because I really love New York…no…I REALLY love New York.  It is not only great for the soul, it is GREAT for my ego!!  Growing up looking like an overplucked big bird, if I had known about NY earlier in life, I would have come here looooooong time ago.

So… This very short story doesn’t start 4 hours ago when I headed to Time Square…it starts 6o minutes ago heading BACK from Times Square.

In 60 minutes I was hit on by…

-a Mexican construction worker,

-a 7 foot black guy with cornrows who followed me for a half a block,

-a 22 yr old Pakistani guy (how do I know? He said ”Guess what I am Baby? And no I am not Puerto Rican”.) Then, in a super suave move, he pulled out his “fat stax”(that’s exactly what he said) of money and showed me the dream world I could be a part of if only I’d love him,

-a 5’3″ Arabic businessman in an awesome pinstriped tailored suit


-an average sized Chinese man who cat called me while standing in line for the bus (my hotel is in Chinatown of sorts).

The only not so ego-boosting part was when I was standing in the subway cashier line and a kid about 20 years old turns around with a surprised/startled look on his face and says “YIKES!!!! How tall are you”?  I said “5’10”.” He keeps scanning me…up and down (In my best Kimmy Gibbler voice ‘HOW RUDE!’) and says “with or without heels?” I say “without”.  He then says, mildly disgusted “Wow”! 
 He proceeds to turn back around make his transaction and walk off.  Now that interaction I didn’t quite understand.  But hey, it takes all kinds.

Why do I feel this is blog worthy?  I don’t.  I was just geeked by the fact that this is what New York is all about!!! Here I was feeling fat and old having just had a birthday and fallen off the diet and these…these, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE crawled out of the woodwork to cheer me up!!!

Moral of the story Ladies and Gents… if ur having a bad day…or a bad life and need a ego boost come to the Big Apple.

My week has been made.

God Bless New York.