Cheers To Michigan Beer!

Amy Sherman with MLive is not only a great host but a great time! We had such a fun segment tasting and guessing delicious Michigan beers. Check Amy and I out and THEN check out the beers we tasted and support Michigan Craft Beers!

Tasting Beer With Everything You Have!

If you are a lover of craft beer and you haven’t seen this short video from Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, You are sorely missing out. Because I’m a beer snob..or maybe just a snob, I drink with my five senses every time I have a beer.  It never gets old to me […]

When In Doubt, Bring Alcohol

On this Memorial Day I’m providing you with a laugh…well…not me but this article I came across will provide you with said laugh. “Foods Your B!tch A$$ Better Not Bring To A Memorial Day Cookout” by Damon Young of VSB (don’t make fun of me changing the dirty words. I try to make this a […]

Beer and Yoga. Together?

This could possibly be THE greatest thing I have ever seen. In.  My.  Life. I love beer! I love yoga! But together may be orgasmic!  Yea, yea, yea, I don’t get out much. Leave me alone. Unfortunately, it looks like its on the west side of the country, so I will sadly never be a […]

VOICE YOUR OPINION…to yourself quietly.

I’m a bit concerned and wonder why some business owners feel they must voice their religious, political or legal gripes online and then, when there is blowback on said gripe, be mad about the consequences?  I’ve been noticing this “trend” lately across the board but specifically in the ever changing world of beer.  I get […]

100 Craft Beers for You Lovers Out There…of Beer

Honestly…I’m a sucker for lists like this one. Down the road I may make my own list…just so I can drink more be…*clears throat*…I MEAN for scientific purposes! I can’t believe there are no “The Bruery” bottles in the top ten…not because I have tried any of the top tier ones but because people go […]

My Florida Beercation. So Many Beers…So Little Time…

So…my beercation was the bomb. Besides tasting and buying beer all over Florida…I slept in my car, stayed in a hostel and wasn’t arrested.  So all in all, a good time was had. I’m including just a few photos in this blog.  All the rest of the trip photos can be found on my Facebook […]