Because I have not yet finished choking the life out of my 15 minutes of fame, I am uploading my segment from “Live in the D’ from last week. Yes, I started that sentence with a preposition. Sue me.  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I will also add a few pictures on the walk into the studio. I should have taken way more “behind the scenes” pics but since I actually had to dispense information and not just stand in front of the camera, pose and smile, a la Kim Kardashian, I needed to be in the moment. My day started out tightly packing up all of my beer and props into my favorite suitcase and driving down to Detroit. THE TRAFFIC WAS AWUFUL! I mean TERRIBLE.  If I keep using caps will you get the picture? Instead of it being a relaxing 40 minute drive, I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for over 1.5 hours! I started panicking and I thought I was gonna be late for my own segment! I TOTALLY lucked out however and found an alternate route. I would tell you guys what it is but next time there is traffic to Detroit, you will all jump yourselves on my new route. #sorrynotsorry

2015-10-07 09.08.12Finally made it. No thanks to you commuters!

I finally got to the parking lot in a tizzy and then looked at the clock. Due to me leaving home super early, I actually arrived at the studio on time and earlier than all of the guests on the show! Cha-Ching! That made me smile.

2015-10-07 09.22.43

A little green room action.

I go into the empty Green Room, look around, take the obligatory pic and stretch out, since I was the only one in there. About 15 minutes later, a few people entered the room and I immediately started to consolidate my stuff so they could have some free space. As I was moving it, I laughed and said “Let me get my stuff out of your way. I was the only person in here and I totally spread out.” One of the people that came in said, “Yea, we’re in here now, so you need to move over”.  I laughed and said, “That’s what I’m doing!”  I think this person was kidding. I think. *sideeye*

Right after that, the pace started to pick up. The producers and the hosts came in, all introducing themselves to us and giving us a run down of what was to come.

My segment was at the bottom of the hour of the show so I had all the time in the world to get nervous…I mean get focused!

That hour FLEWBY!  Even my segment, which was about 6 minutes long, felt like 1 minute because it was super fun, light and full of laughs!

What a gracious group of people the WDIV family was. They direct, entertain and corral new and different people everyday. They are constantly under the gun but remain so poised and professional and that shows what an exceptional group of people they have working there. I was lucky to be apart of the group for a day.

2015-10-07 10.59.15

Me, Chuck and Tati (the hosts of ‘Live in the D’) getting our smiles on!

By the way…

2015-10-07 11.09.55

I did not forget to wear my beer earrings either!