100 Craft Beers for You Lovers Out There…of Beer

Honestly…I’m a sucker for lists like this one. Down the road I may make my own list…just so I can drink more be…*clears throat*…I MEAN for scientific purposes! I can’t believe there are no “The Bruery” bottles in the top ten…not because I have tried any of the top tier ones but because people go […]

Bare Naked Ladies: My NY Korean Spa Adventure

Here is another repost from my old blog.  This one is a real gem! (Note: I will say that about all of them.)  The pictures attached are not from the spa I went to…THAT one has been shut down. Go figure. Most people who read this already know I love to try new things..anything just […]

Didn’t I Say I was Irish?

I get it…it’s April and I’m FINALLY posting about St Patricks Day. HEY!!!  Get off my back.  Do I look like Im getting paid for this? (HINT HINT: To anyone who wants to pay me for this…) I have been heading to St. Patricks Day at Kuhnhenn’s Brewery for about 7 years.  I remember my very […]

IPA’s. I Like My Men Like I Like My Beer. I Think.

  Well, Well…guess who is staring to love IPA’s? THIS GIRL!   I have been pretty adamant my whole beer drinking life that IPA’s suck and stouts are king but lately I have tasted some amazing beauties that have totally changed my mind altogether….starting with ‘Hopslam’. When I cracked that bottle open and took a […]

Women Brew Too!

Yes. I will talk about this day…but first thing first. The time change is kicking my arse. I naturally wake up around 6:30am but this morning when I got up, I wanted to pull my eyeballs out. Although I was not thrilled to be up, I was however; thrilled because I was heading down to […]