Booze, Holiday Food and Candy Pairing: The Video

Here we go again…more shameless self promotion. Who else is disgusted? This video is the remains from my WDIV “Live In The D” Black Friday segment. I went to the studio on a Monday to film and President Obama bumped me. Headed in the studio. I’m larger than life…in this picture.

One Minute Beer Buzz Eps 2 – My Top Ten Breweries in MI: Part 1

Oh…Didn’t I do a blog post about this? Well guess what? NOW I’m doing a VIDEO post about this! And let me tell you…it’s oh-so much more entertaining…says me. Grab a drink, some hot popcorn, a friend and in 1 minute it will be all over. On the other hand, don’t bother with the refreshments. […]

One Minute Beer Buzz Episode 1

So I’m FINALLY doing video. Whoop de do… I figured there are some things I’d rather express physically and audibly, than just put into the written word. I’m sure you will all be thrilled by this. (Said in monotone voice.) Actually I thought…if those Travel Channel people won’t give me my own show…I WILL! If any of you have […]

Tasting Beer With Everything You Have!

If you are a lover of craft beer and you haven’t seen this short video from Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, You are sorely missing out. Because I’m a beer snob..or maybe just a snob, I drink with my five senses every time I have a beer.  It never gets old to me […]