What Have I, What Have I, What Have I Done to Deserve This?

So…This morning, someone went downstairs to make me a cup of coffee and I asked, said person to please put in a tablespoon of dried milk.  I was very specific that the dried milk has a large note in the container indicating that it is indeed dried milk.

Ten minutes later I get my coffee and taste it…it had a very strange taste, but, I thought it could be my morning taste buds.  I look at my coffee and it’s NOT a light brown color.

So I ask…”Did you put the dried milk in here like I asked? “

Exasperated, he says, “YES”.

Taking another sip while in utter confusion about the taste…

Me:  “Where did you get the milk”?

Him:  “In the pantry like you said, in the glass jar”.

Me:  “Did you see the note in the jar, that I told you to look for so you know it’s dried milk? “

Him:  “What note?  I just used the flaky stuff in the small glass jar.”

Me:  “SCOTT!!!! That was mashed potato flakes!  You put potato flakes in my coffee”!!!

Him:  “OH.”  Then he says brightly, “That could be a new flavor!

I look at him with disgust.

Him:  “I’ll go make you another coffee…”

And scene…