On this Memorial Day I’m providing you with a laugh…well…not me but this article I came across will provide you with said laugh.

“Foods Your B!tch A$$ Better Not Bring To A Memorial Day Cookout” by Damon Young of VSB (don’t make fun of me changing the dirty words. I try to make this a family blog. Lol)

Even this title has me dying and the comments were classic.  I ALWAYS read the comments of every article I read because sometimes the comments blow the article out of the water.

The title says it all. It is a list of things you should never bring to a cookout…Memorial Day or otherwise. I think you guys will be surprised to know I stick to bringing liquor. Who doesn’t like liquor?  Gluten-frees, vegans, Atkins, South Beach-ers, New Wave, vegetarians, weirdoes and made-up dieters ALL LOVE ALCOHOL.  Easy win.

I had in the past brought a huge shrimp tray with Stone Crab sauce to a party once and that was gone in about 13 minutes flat.  I didn’t even get to have any myself!  I count that as a win too but since I didn’t get to have any, I refuse to buy that item again. Greedy mutha….

Go Ahead…read the article.  Im not trying to send you away from my site but I can give credit where credit is due, VSB is a hilarious blog. You will get a hardy guffaw.

Enjoy Yo-selves…



Picture Internet: Joel Sartore