Yes. I Get Paid For This.

Not everything on this site is about beer or naked old ladies.  Some posts are about my career…well…what I do to make money.  

On an exciting note, I had the pleasure of acting in an episode of the kid’s tv show “The Wannabes”.  I played a cranky bouncer in the tween dance club called “Moxi”.  The great news!??  The episodes are finally on iTunes!  I’m super excited!  I’m in Season 2, Episode 4, the “Whacky Manager“.  This is a great show for kids and will entertain adults too…I’ve watched quite a few episodes.  It’s fun, funny and clean humored. My sample part on the sizzle reel below is at 7:31.

The Wannabes Staring Savvy – Season 2 on iTunes