There are SOOOOO many super cool beer related gadgets! So many I couldn’t possibly name all the ones that I love or that are on my Christmas list.

Where you can find these gadgets and how much they actually cost, really doesn’t concern me. You have Goggle like the rest of us, so look them up if you REALLYREALLYREALLY need to have them. Don’t be so lazy.

Bottle Chiller



This is what dreams are made of. I usually put my beer in the freezer for 20 minutes and then it’s ready to go . This beauty chills your beer in 4 minutes. Did you hear me? FOUR MINUTES!  Do you know how much more beer you could pack your flap with faster with this gadget?  I mean…serve to your company?

Six Pack Beer Bike Caddy


This is totally cool for places like New York or Colorado or any place where the cars will not try to run you down if you are riding your bike i.e. Detroit.  It also has a retro cool look to it.

Portable Carbonator


What on earth does this do?  It carbonates any beverage.  So not just beer…water, juice, booze, whateve’.  All you do is fill the bottle with water, add the eco2ACTIVATOR, pour in your beverage concentrate of choice, attach the cap, shake, and start the fizz.  This is a weird item because who wants watered down beer. BUT!!!  If you are a home brewer and you make your own beer and concentrate it, this could be a real treat.  The company is coming out with a beer concentrate down the road, if you find that sorta thing to be to your liking.  Basically they will just make beer with less water to put in the bottle. Uh…kinda like what I just said if you are a home brewer.

Bottle Cap Coasters

Making.  ASAP.

Bottle Holster


Ever been to a barbecue and hate to put your drink down for fear of flies getting in it or just some creep thinking it may be his drink and taking a sip?  This solves that problem. It actually solves a whole host of problems.  It does not, however; solve the issue of world peace. Boo.

Beer Saver Cappy Thingies AKA Reusable Bottle Caps


I never drink an entire bottle at one time.  I always drink it in parts over a period of time.  Who knows why?  I also always recap the bottle so it doesn’t go flat. This little colorful item just makes that process easier to do.

Proper Glass Ware 


Stop drinking out of dirty plastic glasses or pint glasses you stole…I mean got free…from the last bar you went to.

Shadow Box Beer Cap Collector


I love this idea only because I have a ziplock bag full of caps that I’m saving for…only God knows what.  I wonder if my husband will bulk if I buy this, fill it up and hang it on the fireplace mantle in the living room.

I have a bad feeling about that idea…


Beer Soap


Now you can finally get clean, you filthy animal.

Draft Beer Dispenser.


This ain’t cheap, but most beautiful things aren’t.  This is the only one that I actually looked at the price and turned my nose up. Way up. It is $300 bones. Now… is it cool and awesome and sweet?  Yes. This item holds a 5-liter keg in its very own built-in fridge. There is also a LCD screen that shows the temperature and is adjustable from 37° to 53° F.  Sweet. Totally. Sweet.