Booze, Holiday Food and Candy Pairing: The Video

Here we go again…more shameless self promotion. Who else is disgusted? This video is the remains from my WDIV “Live In The D” Black Friday segment. I went to the studio on a Monday to film and President Obama bumped me. Headed in the studio. I’m larger than life…in this picture.

Booze and Food: A Love Affair…

So we have come to the fork in the road…meaning…WHAT BOOZE AM I GONNA SERVE WITH DINNER! This can be a tricky situation ESPECIALLY if you have no idea what people like or where their tastes lie. I’m gonna be honest. And don’t let anyone in on this secret….If the booze is free and flowing, […]

IPA Giveaway Time!!

For all of you lovers of DogFish Head 120 Minute IPA, who could NOT get your hot little hands on a bottle this past year….. Guess what? I’m giving away a beautiful, cellared August, 2014 bottle! Yes. I’m serious. Giveaway Rules: So…What do you have to do??? Send a very short blurb by 12/30/15 on […]

One Minute Beer Buzz Eps 2 – My Top Ten Breweries in MI: Part 1

Oh…Didn’t I do a blog post about this? Well guess what? NOW I’m doing a VIDEO post about this! And let me tell you…it’s oh-so much more entertaining…says me. Grab a drink, some hot popcorn, a friend and in 1 minute it will be all over. On the other hand, don’t bother with the refreshments. […]

Halloween 2015 – Go Hard or Go Home!

I think you guys know I love to re-live stuff…also known as beating a dead horse. SO…let’s re-live Halloween 2015 in all of its grand detail! Sorta. I FINALLY have a glass/screen door. Why is this important to Halloween? Not only can it can seal out the cold and rain, but you can also see the […]

One Minute Beer Buzz Episode 1

So I’m FINALLY doing video. Whoop de do… I figured there are some things I’d rather express physically and audibly, than just put into the written word. I’m sure you will all be thrilled by this. (Said in monotone voice.) Actually I thought…if those Travel Channel people won’t give me my own show…I WILL! If any of you have […]

The ‘Fernweh’ In My Life, Finds Peace

“Wanderlust” is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. “Fernweh” is literally, “farsickness”; “an ache for the distance”. Once I saw these words a few years ago, everything finally made sense to me. I have spent my entire life loving and longing to travel; to get out of town […]

Breathe Easy People! Finally! My Top Ten MI Breweries!

As you get to know me, you will soon discover that I LOVE LISTS…And I mean of anything. “Top Ten Strip Clubs Owned By One-Legged Parakeets”?  I’m there!   “Top Five Ways To Make Your Hand Numb”?  Got it! So…because, like me, I know you have been waiting for this list with bated breath, (NOT) I’m […]